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What A Rip Off!

What A Rip Off!

Hmmmm…Sounds like you have had a bad experience with a credit repair company.

Do any of these statements sound familiar?:

“They told me it would be no problem, but then nothing got removed!”
“They completely ignored the proof I gave them and the account never got changed!”
“They misled me to get me started and then charged me up-front fees!”
“All they did was sent out a bunch of generic letters. I could have done that!”
“They dragged their feet, only doing a little work at a time, and a year later not much has changed except the amount of money they charged me!”
“I never heard from them. No eduction, no guidance on what I should be doing, no plan, only an email saying they are working on it and a bill!”
“They weren’t looking out for me at all!”
“They only seemed to work if I complained!”
“They only disputed a set number of accounts each month.”images.jpeg
“They were rude and judgmental!”
“When they finally said I was done, I got my credit pulled and still couldn’t qualify for my mortgage because they didn’t remove the dispute comments!”
“I referred my client to them for repair, and then never heard from the repair company or the client again!”
“The repair company told me they don’t remove dispute comments. Why didn’t they tell me that at the start? I could have gone to a company that actually does a complete job! What a waste!”

So what is the answer?

The reality is that every credit repair company is going to hear something like this at some point. People make mistakes and clients get unrealistic expectations some times.But a good, reputable company will be up front and transparent with you. And when mistakes happen, and they will, they will be willing to make sure they are corrected.

If you are getting fast talked or pressured, that should tell you something. It is also important to ask questions, so you have a reasonable set of expectations. 

Remember, credit repair is a process that takes time to run it’s course. Most of us have been working our whole lives to get our credit to where it is today. You are not going to change that over night. Some companies will claim they use the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other laws, as if that is a magic wand that only the have and use. Every repair company uses those laws. Some are just more efficient and productive than others. 

Those laws also give creditors 30 days to respond to a dispute or request more time to address the dispute. That alone tells you claims of full repair in 30 days are absurd. Run the other way.

images.jpegThere is also some truth to the phrase – You get what you pay for. If you get too cheap, you likely will not be happy with the results. But don’t over spend either. Just because a company charges a lot does not mean they do a thorough and compete job. 

I would encourage you to look at credit repair as an investment in your future. A good credit repair company is going to do a lot more than just try to clean up some negatives on your credit. They will help with settlements and pay-for-deletions, and  they will make sure dispute comments are removed. A good company is  going to educate and guide you as well, so you are less likely to repeat the mistakes that resulted in your need for repair to begin with.  Remember, we learn from history. If we forget our history, we are doomed to repeat it.

If you or anyone you know is facing credit challenges and would like so help, Heartland Credit Restoration is a great place to start. Call or email me for a free consultation. The same goes for those of you who have clients with credit challenges. Forward their contact info to me and I will be happy to give them a free consultation and see what we can do to get them back to you with loan ready credit.

Please share this with your friends and contacts on social media. I also welcome comments and encourage you to feel free to let me know if you have any questions. In the mean time, I hope you have a wonderfully blessed day!

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