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Time Doesn’t Heal All Things

I have often heard it said that time heals all things.

But as much as we might want this to be true, so often the reality is quite the contrary. We can sit and let time pass and find that little or nothing has changed.

I think the reason so many people experience this is because time is only an ingredient to healing. Time itself does not actually do anything. Time is not dynamic and active. It cannot achieve or accomplish. Time has no action. It is merely an environment for what really matters to happen.

Healing is the result of an action, an action that occurs repeatedly or is sustained over a period of time. The action can’t be random or a continuation of the action that led up to the event the now requires healing either. There must be a change in the action, so the results can be healing instead if injury.

The challenge so often is that we desire to just have things fix themselves and go away. We don’t want to actually deal with the situation. We don’t really want to change. We want to believe that it was misfortune that resulted in our injury, rather than our actions, so we can keep on doing what we want, when we want, and things get better again and stay that way.

I see this in nearly every facet of life, but as a credit restoration professional an credit counselor I see this especially often.

People make choices and take actions and find themselves with credit problems, only to try to point the finger at outside influences, circumstances and events as the reason they are where they are. Shifting the blame makes it very easy to be comfortable in not making a change, relaxing and continuing our path. It makes it very easy to simply say that time will heal everything.

In credit, this idea of time healing all things is expanded by the presence of statutes of limitation. The law says, for example, that a potentially negative element on our credit can only report for a period of time and then must be removed.

On the surface, this would indicate that time heals all things. In reality, it doesn’t always work that way.

You see, for each account that shows on your credit report there are many elements that can affect your credit score. The information about each account is provided to the credit bureaus, who are keepers and reporters of the information that is provided to them. The bureaus do not vet the information to insure accuracy before reporting because there are rules about providing accurate verifiable information to the bureaus. But the reality is it is very common that inaccurate information is provided to them. The result can be, for example, a collection account reporting as if it just happened, when it really is years old.

Why does this matter? It matters because, in credit, as in life, an injury has the greatest affect on us when the injury initially occurs. Then, over time, the action of healing is supposed to occur, the affect on our scores diminish, and eventually the injury disappear. But if the collection, as in this example, is reporting as if it just happened, the wound is effectively being kept open and no healing over time is happening. Time is not healing all things.

If this were your credit and you wanted to buy a house, your scores would be taking a beating and you would likely not qualify for a mortgage. In addition, many lenders have an overly requirement that says you must have 12-24 months of clean credit history, meaning no new late history or collections. Even though the collection in the example may be years old, if it is reporting as new, then you would be required to wait the requisite time for the collection to be outside that 12-24 month window.

The problem here is that if the collection continues to report as new, then it never gets old, your scores will remain low, and you will never meet that clean history requirement. Time will not heal all.

It may be inaccurate and illegal for the collection to be reported this way. But that doesn’t prevent it from happening. The collection company providing the information to the bureaus may not even realize they are reporting it wrong, and the bureaus assume the information is being provided accurately,  as required by law. Unless some action is taken here nothing will change.

imagesThe key is taking action. Taking no action means nothing changes. Take the wrong action and things could get worse. Take the appropriate action and things get better.

I really want your credit situation to get better!

If you know someone who has credit issues and is thinking that they will give it a few months and then work on buying a home, or that they will work on their credit themselves, ask the to think about that honestly and then act.

Stop waiting. Time waiting is just lost time, and with the likelihood of interest rates going up, it is lost money.

The choices and actions that they have been making up to this point are what got them where they are. It will take different thinking and different actions to get a different result. If they don’t know the ins and outs of credit, encourage them to get the right help, so they heal properly.

Whether you are an individual will credit challenges or you are a lender or realtor with a client that has credit challenges, a great place to get that help is with a reputable credit restoration company like Heartland Credit Restoration. We give all potential clients a free consultation to determine if you really need repair or just need pointed in the right direction.

Don’t just sit back and wait for time to heal everything. Take action to get real healing. Call me for that free consultation, or connect me with your client that needs the consultation. We will help you and them. You can reach me at 319-533-5236 or

I welcome your questions and comments and encourage you to share this with your friends and contacts on social media.

Until we meet again I hope you have a wonderfully blessed day!

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