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Paul Yamilkoski

Not Just the Best Rates, but your Mortgage the Best Way


“Paul is quick to pick up the phone and eager to help! His dedication to excellence is unwavering and its clear that he is passionate about helping everyone that he comes in contact with!”

Grace Kilgore
Primerica Life Insurance

“Paul has been a GREAT leader and truly believes and trusts in the philosophy of GIVERS GAIN!! He has a lot of passion for helping his clients for success to help their financial dreams come true! Paul just wants to be able to help out as many as he can because its not just a career for him, but a HUGE stepping stone in touching another fellow human’s life “

Rafael Lozano III
Live Florida Realty

“If you need someone to help you succeed, Paul is your guy. He has helped me along the way and because of his knowledge and his guidance I am on my way to having a very successful business.”

Michelle Jackson
Ace Air Conditioning & Electric

“Paul is very knowledgeable. He is who I send my tenants to when they want to get ready to buy a home!! Thank you Paul!”

Shannon Cornell
PMI Arrico Realty and Property Management

“Paul is a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. He works diligently to help anyone in need. This shows me great work ethic and integrity with no doubt of his intent and ability. I would trust Paul to handle my account if ever I was in need. I have no doubt that the job would be done and that the end result would be a benefit and a win-win! I definitely would recommend Paul.”

Sandie Gipson
Sunshine Home & Companion Care, LLC

“My friendship with Paul started at a men’s prayer group that we are both in. After a little while of praying together, I ended up joining the same networking group that he was president of at that time. He has always been a great leader and someone with great compassion to truly give his best foot forward and really taking care of his surrounding people. And that includes his family, friends, business partners, and most importantly, his clients! I highly recommend looking to Paul for not only professional assistance with credit repair and home purchasing needs, but for any prayer you need in your life to get you back on track!”

Rafael Lozano III
Residential & Commercial Real Estate Professional, La Rosa Realty

“Paul is one of the most honest and straight forward people I have ever met, he always has the best interest for his clients in mind, even if that means to break bad news or get a reality check without a sugar coating. With that said, Paul delivers any message in a way to build you up and give you not only the silver lining or the light on the end of the tunnel, he shows you the path to achieve any goal set, he will give you the tools/knowledge and a plan to overcome any hurdle on your path to your dream. Not only will Paul coach and guide you through any process he is your personal cheerleader, he will make it a point to acknowledge his clients achievements no matter how big or small they may seem. Another one of Paul’s great qualities is to give you THE WHY. I admire how he can turn clients that seem lost to what is my goal why even try where should I turn, maybe its ALL too late for me to — Hey this is MY WHY this is where I want to go / to get to / to achieve / to have and THIS is how I get there, these are my steps my mini goals to help me get to my dream Goal. Paul makes it seem easy and very achievable, he spends time with each client to figure out the best game plan customized and unique to each person, no client of his is ever just a number or just another call or follow up, he makes them feel like old friends he has known for years and dearly cares for, because he does care for them and it shows in all of his actions and client results. I am beyond lucky to be able to get to watch Paul work with his clients and to get to know him, he truly is a blessing to all.”

Sarah Stiegler
Ring Roofing Inc.

“Paul is such an upbeat, inspiring guy. His passion for life is evident in all that he does. He has been a great mentor, helping me every step along the way on my path. He is a great ambassador!”

Sarah Stiegler
Ring Roofing Inc.

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