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My Insurance Should Have Paid For That

“But My Insurance Should Have Paid That!”
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This client was screaming at me as we talked over the numerous collections that were showing on her report. Her lender had referred her to us for credit help, so we could get that client back to them for the loan, "loan ready".

I was in the process of going over her report with her line by line to get her side of the story for each account.
We had just come to a bunch of accounts that appeared to be medical bills, and I asked her if she was familiar with those accounts.
She told me yes, she was familiar with them.
I asked her if they were really hers or if maybe they belonged to someone else.
She said,”Oh they are mine. but I’m not about to pay them.”
She just stopped there. she didn’t offer any further information or explanation. I was wondering what I was missing here. Why would she admit the bills are hers and yet have no intention of paying them?
So I asked her, “Why, if the bills are yours, would you not think you should have to pay them?”
That is when she started screaming. This was obviously a sensitive issue with her. As she was screaming about the details she said, “I had insurance at the time and it should have been covered by my insurance!”
She had received bills, but ignored them because she expected her insurance to pay them. But she had never talked to the hospital about it, or gotten confirmation from the insurance company that they have even received the bills. It was a mess.
I quickly let her know the I understood what she was saying and why she felt the way she did. Together we put together a plan to try to get them addressed and removed from her credit report. It was a slow process, but the collection company was willing to work with her. Crisis corrected. She was very glad she came to us for credit help.
Shouldn’t insurance have handled that?
This happens all the time. People tend to just expect insurance to handle it. But there are many things that can go wrong. The charges could get coded wrong and denied. The charges could get submitted to the wrong insurance. There are a multitude of issues that can arise.
The key is to follow up, before it is too late. Also, remember that in most states you are responsible for your bill. Providers do not care if you are paying with a credit card, money out of your checking or savings account, a medical spending account or insurance. They just expect to be paid for their service, and rightly so.
So if you are wanting to pay with Insurance, follow up to make sure it is submitted properly and in a timely manner. Otherwise, you will end up paying for it out of your pocket.

Please share this socially. The more people think about this, and keep it in mind, the better. Also, feel free to let me know if you have questions or comments and I hope you have a wonderfully blessed day!

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