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Making Adjustments

The water exploded, sending waves of spray in all directions. The big fish had launched itself into the air, thrashing its head from side to side as it tried to throw the object that had ahold of it from its gaping mouth. The black and silver monster seemed to hover above the surface of the lake, as it moved in a violent dance of head and tail whipping from side to side. Then, as gravity took over, the fat beast crashed back to the depths to try and run from it’s captor. The mighty fish surged through the water for one last powerful run and moments later was hauled into the boat.

This probably sounds a tiny bit like an epic battle with a massive beast, the likes of which are chronicled in stories such as Moby Dick or The Old Man And The Sea. The reality is this was much less epic. This was a short battle with a Large Mouth Bass on a lake in Florida.

That was one of many battles fought that day. In fact, that day was fairly epic in scope, as my buddy and I caught 82 bass between the two of us, all in the 3-6 pound range. None of them were huge, but all were really nice quality fish.


This wasn’t the first time we had this kind of success. We had a day a few months before when we caught 76 together. Those were fantastic outings filled with great memories.

One of the interesting things that catches my attention, about such successful days, is how I am affected for other outings. I find myself having trouble using any other lure or trying any other type of spot on the lake for very long, without wanting to move to what worked so well on those two occasions. I quickly get into a rut of behavior that is comfortable, because it either worked really well before or, in some cases, just didn’t go poorly for me.

I think we can all identify this in our own behavior at one point or another, whether it is in our personal lives, recreational lives, business lives or in our finances.

As a credit restoration expert, I work with many clients that have been denied for a mortgage because their credit scores are too low. Commonly we can trace some of the problem back to their pattern of paying their cards off at the end of the month. The payment pattern never seemed to get them into any trouble, so they continued to do it. What they didn’t know was that the timing of those payments was having a big affect on their credit scores.

I also work with many lenders and realtors, helping their clients fix credit problems that are getting in the way of being able to get a loan or buy a home.

Much like me when I was fishing, when the market is full of people that have loan ready credit and are ready to buy a house, lenders and realtors can get into a pattern of turning away potential clients that do not have loan ready credit. But when the pool of clients with loan ready credit gets much smaller, those lenders and realtors will still have a tendency to neglect, to some degree, those clients with credit problems, because that has been successful or at least kept them out of trouble in the past.

The point I hope to make here is that we need to be aware of our patterns and willing to make adjustments as we go. Sometimes all that is needed is a small adjustment or effort to make things go from quite on the water to fish practically jumping into the boat.

If you are a lender or realtor that ever faces telling a client you can’t help them because of credit issues, don’t let yourself fall into that pattern of turning those clients away. Make a slight adjustment and give me a call to let Heartland Credit Restoration help those clients correct and restore their credit, so you can be a savior to those clients and close more loans or sell more homes.

If you are an individual who has credit problems getting in the way of the things you want in life, then give me a call and let Heartland Credit Restoration help you change that and realize your dreams of a new home.

It is the little adjustments we make that make all the difference.

I welcome your comments and encourage you to share the information with your friends on social media.

I will look forward to talking to you and I hope you have a wonderfully blessed day!


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