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I Always Pay My Bills!


“I Always Pay My Bills!”

I could almost feel her finger poking me in the chest through the phone.

This happened as I was talking on the phone with a potential client that was referred to me.
I was asking her questions about what she thought her credit was like and what might be there to cause her scores to be low.
The irony here was that I was looking at a copy of her credit report. She knew this. I was going through the report line by line with her to get her side of the story for anything that was potentially negative.
I had just started to ask her about collections and if she had any accounts that were behind right now. It is important that I know the financial position, if they are keeping current and so on, of a client when considering taking them on as a client. Our job and desire is to help, not make things worse.
So I was just starting to ask about this and she shouted through the phone that she ALWAYS pays her bills.
I told that was good to hear, and I began asking if she was familiar with each account, as she then might be a victim of identity theft.
She then proceeded to tell me she was aware of each account, as I read them. Most of them were medical collections and for co-pays, not large bills. Somehow, she thought that she should not have to pay them.
The credit card collections were for charges that she didn’t feel she should have to pay. The same was true for the repossession of an automobile. ( That in itself is sufficient for a future story).
23 collections and charge-offs,
that is the number of of accounts reporting with balances on her credit. She could give me a background on each and every one.
She still insisted she always pays her bills. No matter, she needed credit help and I was willing to help her, provided she was willing to commit to working with me and making some changes.
She got qualified for a mortgage and is thrilled to have her new home.
Think you pay your bills?
This is a somewhat fantastic story. I get asked all the time how someone can think they “always” pay their bills, when they can list in detail 23 accounts that are not paid and have gone to collection. The answer is that I don’t know. What I do know here is that people have a unique way of seeing things. I also know that if we had not taken the time to help her see what needed to change and guide her in a plan to accomplish that goal, she would not now be a happy home owner. Just some food for thought.

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