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A Road Map To Better Credit

First-Time Home Buyer Frustration

“Offer rejected, competing offer accepted” For the fifth time in as many months the young couple has missed out a chance to own a home. They have been aggressive, spending hours and hours searching for homes as they come on the market and getting in an offer immediately, only to be denied at every turn. […]


Avoiding A Trap In Credit Scores

“ How the heck could my credit scores be off by that much, in just one month, when nothing has changed?“ That is the question that I was being asked by a gentleman who had just had a lender pull his credit for a mortgage. It only took few questions to realize that the difference […]


Getting Threatened? Threats Are Not Okay!

“Pay us today or we will have the sheriff at your door to arrest you this afternoon!” “But I don’t have the money right now to be able to pay it.” she said. “It doesn’t matter!” demanded the voice on the other end of the phone. “You have to pay today or we will have […]


Solutions and Ideas

You have questions. You want to know those things that nobody ever taught you about your credit.

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