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Giving Up Our Freedom

I heard a story as part of the sermon at church this past week. It had some important lessons for us as Christians, but that is not the angle I want to talk about today. The story also cast a huge spotlight on our country for me.

This is not a political piece. Regardless of you party affiliation, this message is important. I hope you value your liberty and freedom enough to at least consider what I have to say, with a mind open to possibilities, and I pray a little grace if this sounds like a little bit of ranting at times. I love this country and all the people of this nation, and it can be a little bit of a roller coaster ride. 

First, I will briefly paraphrase the story for you.

There was a town on the Ireland shore. The seas were cold and could be very violent and ship wrecks were very common. 

In the early age of the town, the people saw a genuine need for victims of ship wrecks to be rescued and cared for. They committed personal resources and the town, as a whole, responded to the alarm when there was a wreck, day or night.  The town took great pride in helping those in need and celebrated with those they rescued and mourned over those lost. The social fabric of the town centered around community and taking care of local needs and had become a beacon for achievement in helping those in need. But in time, they hired professionals to do more and more of the work, so they would not have to be burdened with it. Then there came a day when after a particularly large and severe series of wrecks left the town facilities a mess created a significant inconvenience with the social agenda of the town, the people of the town voted, by a slim majority, that if the rescue services were going to continue they must find an alternative venue where it would not infringe upon the social interests of the town. Eventually the rescue ministry disappeared from the town completely. The people of the town had their personal and social agendas and enjoyed the fellowship in their big beautiful facilities. The ship wrecks still occurred, but the loss of life in those wrecks increased. The rescue ministry was not local any more and did not have the same response capabilities that once existed when the entire town would respond, but the towns people were not burdened with dealing with any of it. It wasn’t their problem any more.

I didn’t like the image of the town at the end of the story. The town had become shallow and superficial and focussed on self. The town had lost any real purpose, and what had made them great was becoming a distant memory. All that was left was the "me" mentality that focussed on what the town’s people would gain. 

There can be many sermons in the church about the implications of a congregation the stops serving, or depends upon a few to do all the work and so on. But that is not the message that especially struck me. What jumped out to me was a picture of our country, a people that have lost their sense of responsibility, accountability and of working together and helping each other in community and instead, depend upon and expect the government to do everything.

images.jpeg     We, the people of this country, have gone from being a melting pot of problem solvers and over achievers, uniting to serve others and becoming the greatest country on earth, to being a people that doesn’t want to be united as one, but separated as unique. We’ve become people that do not bothered with the problems of others and think it is someone else’s problem to deal with. Even worse, many of us have become people that do not think we should have to be responsible for ourselves, let alone responsible for helping others. We have shifted that burden away from the personal level as far as possible, past the community, past the local, county and state governments all the way to the federal government.                         images.jpg

If that wasn’t bad enough, our federal government, because it is being tasked with things it was not designed, intended or equipped to effectively handle, is terribly ineffective at addressing those things efficiently. This has increased the catalyst for our government to also become more corrupted with power. The purpose of the public servant in our government has shifted, from doing what was right for our country, according to our founding documents, to instead being about personal gain and getting re-elected, by enslaving it’s people through perpetuating a corruption of the moral fibre of our nation and preaching dependence upon the government for our sustenance.   images.jpg      All the while, our leaders blame the "rich" for the fact people are dependent upon the government (ironically, the majority of our leaders are in this category), instead of pointing the finger at the government leaders, who created the framework for the dependence in the first place.

Our government has been bastardized to become a tool, for those who run it, to ensure their own preservation and prosperity by enslaving the people of the country through policy and social programs that make the people dependent upon the government.  These programs are like a strange sweet nectar that is seems like the answer and welcome at first but then leaves us unfulfilled and always wanting more. Our leaders prey upon that resulting dissatisfaction as a catalyst to pump out more nectar and create more need, to the detriment of our people and the gain of the leaders. A large part of this country has become so uncomfortably comfortable with feeding off the government, that we will vote for anyone that is willing to tell us that nothing is our fault, anything we want or do is okay, and give us the illusion of helping us, while it is all a diversion so we ignore them as they further our addiction of dependence. (Okay that sounds a little conspiracy theorist and obviously does not apply equally to all leaders and may not be as blatant as all that, but it has become a reality just the same).       images.jpeg

It has gotten so bad that we will turn a blind eye to those we elect starting with relatively little and becoming multi-millionaires while in office, making deals with terrorists, doing favors for foreign governments in exchange for bribes or donations, disregarding national security, breaking the law, manipulating their position for their own greed and showing a complete disregard for our country, it’s people and Constitution in the process. No longer are our elected officials seen as public servants working for the betterment of our country, according to the principles upon which it was founded. Gone are the days when our elected officials were held to the same standards of law as the people they serve in this amazing country.

It doesn’t stop with the government. There are many social and public  and civil rights leaders in this country, outside of but in concert with the government, that have perpetuated, for their own gain, a "poor me" society, convincing people they are victims, that their status and situation in this country is someone else’s fault, that they should be taken care of by everyone else (the government or these other public leaders), that they are not accountable for the choices they make if they don’t like the outcome, and that anything that they do in response to this perceived injustice, be it burning and looting businesses of other people, targeting law enforcement for execution, or killing another human being while in the womb, to name a few of the most significant, is somehow beyond reproach and justified.

Those same leaders also tell people that what they "feel" is what matters. They tell people that what they want is actually their right in this country, and that personal choices and preferences should qualify them for special protections against someone else’s personal choices and preferences. We literally have segments of this country that have been programed to think that they should be a protected class because of the personal choices they make.     images.jpeg

This trend in our culture has resulted in a number of people thinking that being an American isn’t good enough for them. They segregate themselves from the rest and then complain about being treated differently (discrimination). This is the exact thing that many leaders in this country promote for their own gain. You might call me crazy, but insisting on making yourself different from everyone else will always result in everyone else treating you different. No matter how much everyone else changes, which is what these leaders say needs to happen – everyone else needs to change, you will always be different, because that is how you identify yourself. It is time to stop listening to and supporting leaders that feed on perpetuating that thought process.    images.jpeg

This is not a small subject and several volumes could be written addressing the subject matter. So, I will cut to the chase, put the rubber to the road, call it like it is and so on, by presenting a very few blatant examples to illustrate the point. They are an extremely limited few of a multitude, and are noted because they are hot points in society today, and therefore easy pickings. I have no doubt this will rub a few people wrong.   images.jpeg

In the United States of America, we are all Americans. Any other term has no more value than mentioning the clothes someone is wearing when describing them. What someone wears, the color of their skin, their sexual preferences and the country they are from, are secondary at best to being an American. Therefore terms such as African American, European American, Asian American, Straight American, Gay American, Native American, and so on should not be  interchangeable with the term American as a designation of citizens of the United States of America. 

When you become part of a team, you no longer maintain loyalties to another team and you only wear your team’s jersey. We are Americans. Our country is the United States of America, and our loyalties should be here above all other countries. It is also unacceptable that any members of that team raise themselves above any other as superior and it is equally unacceptable for any members to make themselves victims that need special treatment from the team.       Small - theodore-roosevelt-i-am-an-ame.jpg

We all have problems and are all unique in some way. There will always be elements of conflict in our lives with each other. It is every American’s duty to work to get past those problems and use their uniqueness to uplift those around them and make our country great. If a team member gets hurt or knocked down, the entire team should come to the assistance of the one in need. That team mate, once helped up, shouldn’t remain dependent, but should continue forward without help as a full member of the team, to the best of their ability.

In this country we have the God given right to choose. It is, in my opinion, referred to most fundamentally in our Declaration of Independence, as "the pursuit of happiness".  

There is really no limit to what we can choose to pursue. However, with that right comes accountability for the choice. We do not get a free do-over just because we don’t like the outcome. If we gamble all our money away, then we are faced with being broke. A high profile example of this is a woman’s right to choose. Guess what, if anyone chooses to have sex, which has only one core purpose, and that is to create another human being, we have the right to make that choice. Once we make the choice, we are now accountable for the choice we made. If a woman becomes pregnant from that choice, and chooses to kill the person that is created by that first choice, then she, and anyone assisting her, should be treated as a murderer. That is what planning  and perpetrating the ending of another person’s life is called. Don’t get caught up in the minutia of extraordinary exceptions to the rule.  The reality is that roughly 99% of all abortions would qualify as do-overs. No need to point out what the courts have said either, as they, as part of the government, have gotten themselves corrupted with power as well and lost in the minutia of details that are only relevant to the convenience of people and not what is real and right. Just another easy example of what I am talking about. Face it, if we went into the game appreciating the significance of the choices we make and knew with unwavering clarity that we would be accountable for them, we would conduct ourselves a little differently.       images.jpg

While we are touching on the right to choose, if you choose to break the law, you are not being oppressed when the authorities over enforcing the law arrest you. If you choose to make things difficult for yourself when dealing with those authorities, you are not being oppressed when things get difficult. When things like this happen we are being held accountable. (I do not exempt the authorities if they break the law. They are no different and should also be held accountable). If we choose to loot a business, burn a building, beat up a bystander or kill a police officer, we have made a very bad choice and should expect very bad things to happen to us. With some few exceptions, our reason for breaking the law doesn’t matter.  It is not like we didn’t know we would get in trouble when we made the choice. Some might not "think" that they should get in trouble, but then I know some children that don’t think they should or will get hit by a car if they play in the street. What we think doesn’t necessarily matter in the situation. If we play in the street, we will get hit by a car. If you don’t believe me, proclaim that thought while running into traffic and see what happens. I am willing to bet your thoughts won’t mean a hill of beans to an oncoming car. 


It absolutely not okay that our government leaders think they do not have to obey the same standards of law as the rest of us. It is absolutely not okay for the people of this country to encourage such behavior or allow it. If a member of our government mishandles classified information, they should meet the same fate of everyone else in similar situations, jail. Sadly, there are cases in court right now, relating to handling security information, arguing leniency because it has been portrayed as no big deal that Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, has done it thousands of times. 

If a member of the government has not paid their taxes, they should be removed from office. If a government official accepts money for favors they can offer due to their position, they should be removed from office and prosecuted. 

If a president, who’s oath of office includes – "I will…to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." says he will not enforce the Constitution with respect to certain things, because he doesn’t agree and thinks it should be changed, he should be impeached for failure to execute his sworn duties. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land in the United States. We have processes for making changes to the Constitution. It is not up to the president or within his authority to change it, but instead he is tasked to preserve, protect and defend it, period.

The bottom line here is that every time we take something that we can do and place it into the hands of the federal government, we give up our freedom. Every time we allow illegal and corrupt behavior from our leaders, we give up our freedom and we corrupt our own situation in the process. Every time we allow leaders to preach that we are victims of someone else, not accountable for our own situations and need to be rescued by them and demand special treatment from everyone else, we are giving up our freedom – not for our gain, but for the gain of those leaders. When we accept what such leaders are peddling and accept their solutions, we make ourselves slaves to them as the champions to rescue us from the circumstance. Sadly, they are the ones that determined where we are and we believe them,  and we become addicted to the drug they offer instead of solving and rising above the real problems ourselves.       images.jpeg

If you don’t think this is true, take a look at this year’s democrat candidates for president. We had a large amount of support for a socialist platform. This didn’t happen because people looked at the foundations of the problems in this country with respect to our constitution and made decisions to make sure we got back to what this country is all about. It happened because people wanted a change and were willing to hear anything preaching a change, even if it was a departure from what America really is.

 We are lost to the point that as a people we can’t see the forest for the trees. We are willing to give away our freedom for the false promise that the government is the answer, and our leaders use that to their advantage for personal gain and self preservation.       7ca2e1e09ee8badb060dc8253927c212.jpg

I love The United States of America and all it’s citizens. I believe our country and our citizens make up the greatest country in the world and that our form of government is uniquely the greatest in the world. But we need to stop focussing on every problem as if it is the greatest problem in existence and was caused by someone else, at the expense of the big picture. While we are getting all bunged up and emotional about the little details, and fighting amongst ourselves, we are selling ourselves into slavery to corruptible leaders, weakening our American "team" from the inside and making ourselves vulnerable to destruction from the outside. 

Change and healing can be painful. But a little pain can result in a great deal of gain. In our case we have, over time put duct tape over the bandaid and it is going to hurt to remove. But the reality is we still need to just rip off that bandaid. Come together America. It is not going to be solved by one person or by a single election. Let’s right the wrongs, make the uncomfortable changes to take back our country and once again be the beacon of unity, freedom and opportunity to the world. 

       images.jpeg          mlk_main_post.jpg

May God bless America!

I always welcome comments. I have made a point not to talk about any particular person or political party, as I see that as getting lost in the weeds. 

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