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Are You Paying Attention? Our Safety Depends Upon It.

I don’t know why it bothers me to the extent that is does, but I start to experience serious road rage when I am driving down the street or road at night and other cars are driving without their lights on.

It has gotten to the point where every time I drive at night I count the number of cars that do not have any tail lights showing and/or headlights on. The average count is 8 vehicles in the 25 minute drive it takes me to take my daughter to work and back. That’s 8 vehicles with no headlights or tail lights showing while driving at night – every night I take her to work.

I make a point of trying to let each of them know their lights are not on. After all, my safety, their safety and the safety of everyone in the road is at stake.

At first I couldn’t fathom how they were capable of doing it. I can’t see the dash of my truck at night if I don’t turn my lights on. The dash lights don’t come on unless I turn them on.

Then one night I was driving my wife’s Jeep instead of my truck, and it hit me. Newer cars have electronic dash boards, and so are lit up all the time. My Xterra is older and still has analog instruments and the back lights only come on when I turn on my head lights. The two are connected.

The problem for most of the drivers without their lights on was that their dash lights were always on and their daytime driving lights are also always on. They don’t even notice that they are driving without their headlights or tail lights on.

To me, this is a serious flaw in the design of newer vehicles. Yes I know the switch in the vehicle gives you the ability to control how the lights function, but it is easy to set the switch to the wrong position and there is no obvious way to tell your tail lights are not on.

The sad reality is that people just don’t pay any attention. It is too easy to just go about your driving without any concern for how we might be jeopardizing our safety and the safety of others. (I hope this makes you question if your lights are on, when you drive at night, going forward).

That makes me think about credit.

As a credit professional, I rarely escape the trap of relating observed behavior to our credit lives. I guess when you deal with something that is a reflection of how we approach our lives, that is to be expected.

A huge number of people have less than ideal credit scores. Some people are almost criminal with their financial behavior. But most people are like those drivers that are driving without their lights on. They have gotten comfortable, or completely consumed with current circumstances, and have not been confronted with any problems and as a result just aren’t paying much attention.

I’m as guilty as anyone, at times. It is so easy to get caught up in life’s hectic moments and forget to pay attention to seemingly little things.

The problem is that missing the little things can have huge consequences. Those consequences can stay with us if we don’t take action.

I have seen many people that wanted that new home, only to find out their credit was too bad to get qualified. Worse yet, many of those people either took no action to change their situation or did things that were token efforts at best, thinking it would all just magically change.

images1It doesn’t magically change folks. Token efforts rarely make any positive difference. You have to be purposeful about what you do. You can’t just flip a switch and expect it to be all better. You have to be deliberate in taking actions that will actually change the situation.

Unfortunately, unlike turning your car lights on, fixing the problems with credit takes time and a sustained effort of paying attention and doing the right things.

You can do it on your own, if you know what needs to be done and how to do it. Or, you can get the help of a reputable credit restoration company like Heartland Credit Restoration. You will get there much faster and safer with the help of a professional. So if you want to accomplish qualifying for that new home within a year, then get the help.

Credit may not be fun or easy, but it will feel that way with good help, and you will be so glad you did. There is a great feeling when you no longer have collectors calling or mailing you and you have a lender telling you that you qualify to get that home of your dreams.

Call me for a free consultation to see how we might be able to help. 319-533-5236.

If you are a lender or realtor that has a client you might have to turn away due to credit problems, then let me see if Heartland Credit Restoration can help change that client into a approved client. You should never have to say “NO” to a client. We can help change those into a “YES”.

Call me for a free consultation. 319-533-5236.

I’m looking forward to helping you. In the mean-time, I hope you have a wonderfully blessed day!

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