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A Friendly Wave

A Friendly Wave

At first I though, “That must be exhausting”. But I soon found I looked forward to it.

Every week I drive down a particular street in Lakeland, Florida, on my way to my Business Networking International chapter meeting.
On particular corner, there is a woman who works with the sheriff’s department as a crossing guard. The reason this particular woman stands out to me, is that she is always waving to the passersby. I have never passed her when she is not waving. And I don’t mean a slight pageant type wave. I mean an energetic wave that demands notice.
I imagine she does it to draw attention to her task. If she is getting noticed, then she is succeeding in making the commuting traffic aware of and more attentive to pedestrians, making her more effective at her job.
But it is clear to me that she does it for another reason as well. She seems to have a genuine desire to have a positive affect on each person driving by.
I admire her persistent and cheerful effort. I look forward to seeing her each time I pass the intersection. It brings a sense of warm greeting to me every time I pass. In fact, it is contagious for me. Now, every time I pass by her, I cheerfully wave back to her, though I’m not sure she sees me.
She has succeeded in touching my day and I appreciate that. I hope that my waving in response does the same for her, at least in some small way.
So, as always, the question arises. What does this have to do with credit?
Even a small task has a big affect.
The simple act of waving your arm endlessly, is a small thing and could be seen as drudgery. But it does not have to be that way. It can instead make a big difference.
Credit is one of those things that can be a drudgery to most people. There is no doubt that it is not exciting to focus on little repetitive tasks every single day, such as watching a budget or paying bills. In fact, it can seem like torture, if you are facing collections and the endless calls from collectors.
But in every case, those simple tasks, though they are not by any means easy to maintain at times, make a big difference in our lives, when we look at the big picture.
I have experienced, and have helped many others experience, the rewarding feeling of relief knowing that bills are paid, collection calls have stopped, and lenders saying yes instead of no. That is one of the thins I love about my career.
In fact, those tasks that were once a drudgery, can now be seen like a friendly wave accompanied by a friendly face as we drive down the street.images.jpg

If you are needing help with your credit, or have a client the needs credit help, touch base with me for a free consultation, or reach out to our corporate web site for Heartland Credit Restoration. We are like that friendly wave. That is one of the things that makes Heartland Credit Restoration the best.

Please share this with your connections. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions or comments and I hope you have a wonderfully blessed day!

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